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Nathan Wyburn, age 24, is a Welsh Fine Art graduate who specialises mostly in creating iconic celebrity portraits and ‘Pop culture’ imagery with non-traditional mediums such as Food (Marmite on toast, ketchup, sugar, chocolate), along with other everyday items (newspaper cut outs, soil, candles, toothpaste, fake tan). 

Due to the uniqueness of Nathan's artistic flare and the popularity of his work, he has been featured on several TV shows including Britain's Got Talent 2011 reaching the semi-finals, Daybreak, Blue Peter and ITV news. Nathan has also been covered greatly in national and global press including Good Morning America, New York Magazine, PerezHilton.com, Buzzfeed and front cover of The Guardian. Big name brands such as Marmite, BIC, Oral B, Costa, Jacobs, Dominoes and Hovis have all independently commissioned Nathan for PR work. Nathan has exhibited work all over the UK and had interviews as far as Japan, USA, and Australia. Along with travelling to Madrid, Istanbul, Helsinki and Vienna for commissioned work and TV guest appearances. Fitting in with Nathan’s busy working life he also spends a lot of time taking part in charity events to help raise money and is an Ambassador for BulliesOut. Nathan's YouTube channel has 4.6 million hits and around 18,000 subscribers who are able watch his pre-recorded artistic processes in time lapse.

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“We recognise this as a photograph of a ‘painting’ of a photograph. The process of making a ‘painting’ using non-traditional mediums and photographing them has become central to my work. Inspired by my fascination with popular imagery and celebrity culture, I’m making a conceptual equivalence between commercial products (such as Marmite) and the notion of ‘celebrity’. It can be argued that public figures are corporate creations, and or, disposable commodities intended for mass consumption. Similar to the mediums in which I create their portraits, these are manufactured products, sold in mass for public consumption.”


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